The Champagne Lavergne Brut has been named one of the Top Three Lesser Known Champagnes in 2019 by Taste of France Mag. Most recently, the product was evaluated 93/100 GOLD (Unique or exceptional product, it represents the best in absolute terms) by 160 judges out of 600 products for the International Taste Awards 2020.

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F. LAVERGNE. Thesis of Institute Jules Guyot Founder Roger Bessis, Dean of the University of Burgundy, Oenologist.



First World Champion of Sake & French Gourmet.

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Tentation gourmande du jour. Millefeuilles Vanille, Hugo & Victor,

Paris-Brest Jacques Genin #jacquesgenin.


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This is nice to know that your efforts are being recognised. It has been a long road getting Sake, Champagne and wines appreciation this far, and I am very grateful to be honoured today for the full work of a life to be shared with you from now. 




François Lavergne is a small producer from the south of the region with vineyards in Talus-Saint-Prix. François’ winemaker has a rich history in champagne production and has developed a number of cuvées using a combination of dosages to create a 'classic' and a 'light' style for both Brut and Rosé Champagnes. Both Rosé cuvées are made from 100% Pinot Meunier. François is collaborating with Caroline Milan to deliver a new range called Comtesse de Massy (Jean Milan, Oger). 


François Lavergne, Classic Brut NV Champagne: 16/20.

33% of all three champagne varieties. Dosage 9 g/l. Much better balanced and with more evident fruit than the Brut Light champagnes. Much better harmony and more flavour and greater finesse and length. (JH).

The Champagne Collection.


François Lavergne, Classic Rosé NV Champagne: 16/20.

100% Pinot Meunier. Dosage 9 g/l. Deep partridge-eye orangey pink. Fresh fruited and the fruit more evident than on the Light version. Victoria plums. Some grip on the finish. More complete than the Light champagnes and much better depth of fruit. (JH).

The Champagne Collection.

Julia Harding MW. 



LAVERGNE-POILVERT TALUS SAINT-PRIX 51270 FRANCE.     Paris, Tél. : 0144073667

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CHAMPAGNE LAVERGNE Thesis of Institute Jules Guyot Founder Roger Bessis, Dean of the University of Burgundy, Oenologist. First World Champion of Japanese Sake.