16/20 Jancis Robinson, Julia Harding Master of Wine.
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François Lavergne

Le Guide Bettane & Desseauve des Vins de France (2017)

Le potentiel des terroirs de Talus-Saint-Prix est évident.


Talus-Saint-Prix with its hillsides facing south and clayey-silty soils reveal the expression of black grapes. Sézanne with its light soils and limestone subsoil offer excellence to Chardonnay. The balance of grape varieties in the vineyards (33% Chardonnay, 33% Pinot Noir and 33% Pinot Meunier) enables a wide range of flavours that can be found in our wines. After hand-picking the grapes and gently pressing them, the wine unfolds as naturally as possible, the first fermentation is done in stainless steel tanks and small wooden casks where the clear wines then rest. The development of blends, the ‘tirage’ (bottling), the secondary fermentation, the aging on lees, riddling, disgorging and dressing are all given our greatest attention. After harvesting the grapes, 4-6 years are needed to discover the effervescence, and all the flavours in the heart of your champagne flute. Merci.


François Lavergne is a small producer from the south of the region with vineyards in Talus-Saint-Prix. François’ winemaker has a rich history in champagne production and has developed a number of cuvées using a combination of dosages to create a 'classic' and a 'light' style for both Brut and Rosé Champagnes. Both Rosé cuvées are made from 100% Pinot Meunier. François is collaborating with Caroline Milan to deliver a new range called Comtesse de Massy (Jean Milan; Oger). 


François Lavergne, Classic Brut NV Champagne 16 Drink 2014-2016

33% of all three champagne varieties. Dosage 9 g/l. Much better balanced and with more evident fruit than the Brut Light. Still has a slight phenolic grip on the palate but much better harmony and more flavour and greater finesse and length. (JH)

£29.99 The Champagne Collection.


François Lavergne, Classic Rosé Brut NV Champagne 16

100% Pinot Meunier. Dosage 9 g/l. Deep partridge-eye orangey pink. Fresh fruited and the fruit more evident than on the Light version. Victoria plums. Some grip on the finish. More complete than the Light and much better depth of fruit. (JH)

£31.99 The Champagne Collection.


Julia Harding, Master of Wine


DALYS Collaborations' in Cramant Grand Cru.


CHAMPAGNE Collection.

François Lavergne


Producteur en Champagne, Professeur, formateur, Œnologue, D.E.R. de Viticulture de l'Université de Bourgogne. Professeur émérite Roger Bessis, et Doyen. Ingénieur Grande Ecole, Assemblée Permanente des Chambres d'Agriculture, APCA.